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Full Version: Booklets
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Slightly off-topic, but I wonder if there's anything to be said or done on the topic.

I listen mostly to classical music. I favor downloads with PDF booklets included, though there's really no choice -- if you want a release, you're at the label's mercy. Fortunately, newer releases tend to include PDFs.

I'm also interested in jazz, and thought of downloading a few recent albums. I was disappointed to see that NONE came with booklets, though to my way of thinking, written material is really necessary for jazz. I'd like to know who wrote the song, who's playing on each track, and so on. Sometimes AllMusic comes to the rescue, but often not.

A download costs almost as much as a physical disc -- sometimes more -- yet one gets less. It's disheartening that labels don't think their customers want to know about the music. Or are they fixated on the CD trade?

I suppose that, short of writing a letter to each label, there is not much one can do. Not that I think a letter would make much difference, but maybe it could be the butterfly's wings.

Thoughts, anyone, or sources for missing booklets?
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