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Full Version: BubbleUPnP versus Audionet app aMM
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Using both apps i got the impression that BubbleUPnP does do the job better that aMM app
There is in Bubble.. scrolling possible in a song( track) from a album What is not possible in aMM.

Volumecontrol in Bubble in Phone, but i can use the remote control from Marantz network receiver
Overall bubble.. is much userfriendlier then aMM
Scrolling in a song can be missed
So i buy a bubble
No..the song scrolling is not working on the paid app anymore
That's is a disappointment.
Windowsmediaplayer has songscrolling on PC and maybe the audionet pc version.
I agree BubbleUPnP is definitely better than the Audionet app, so much so that I bought an Android tablet just to run BubbleUPnP. It was well worth the outlay (much less expensive than most hifi bits and pieces.) In the past I've recommended the Audionet app for users with only Apple devices available for control
Luckily now the songscrolling is working in both apps!
When i start a song in a playlist in Bubble.. then the minimserver is started too!, but this not the case in Amm audionet app
listening to all Rolling Stones songs in flac quality and with my telephone

Perhaps i can add my songcollection in the cloud with bubbl..?
Works great minimserver : selecting a cd on app and random playing too
Its only the organising the musiclibrary what must be figured out when you have a collection of CD flacs
I figured already out if a flac has not tracktitles to convert this to with tracktitles
Now there is cd named Rolling Stones , but it must be The Rolling stones, so this tag must be chanced
Update : bubbleUPnp together with a link made on Phone ( for restarting the minimserver) makes that all can be done with the Phone app
The same for the audionet app
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