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Full Version: Issues with recording a radio stations stream
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I have am issue with a radio stream which is recorded by MinimStreamer; the sound is not clear, it has so distortion (I'm not sure how name it correctly).

I have this m3u playlist file:

#EXTINF:-1,[+KlassikRadio;mp3] Klassik Radio

In the Systems tab of the properties I have entered

The recording itself is working as I get an mp3 file in the rec-directory of MinimServer.

But while playing this file distortion can be heared. This distortion is not in the original stream which I hear via my renderer.

Opening and playing this recorded mp3 file in VLC is possible with the above mentioned issue.
Opening this file in Audacity is not possible, I have seen two error messages:
  1. MP3 decoding failed. Huffman data overrun
  2. MP3 decoding failed. Lost synchronization

Any help is appreciated
Thansk for letting me know. This is the same problem (HTTP chunked encoding) that was reported in this thread. I am investigating a fix.
Thanks for the fast response. I will follow the other thread for any news.
The problem with playing streams that use HTTP chunked encoding is now fixed in MinimStreamer 2.0.5.

I can confirm that the recordings now play fine. Actually I have only tried VLC and (formerly iTunes) for playback.

One issue remains, Audacity can't import the recorded MP3 files with an error message

  1. MP3 decoding failed. Huffman data overrun
  2. MP3 decoding failed. Lost synchronization

But this might be an Audacity issue.

Another issue popped up: I want to record from 20:00 until 22:00. But only one of six recording is two hours long. The other ones are between two minutes and an hour long. Can I enable a debug information somewhere for solving this issue?
The recording length issue and the Audacity messages might both be caused by some kind of streaming error (lost or corrupted packets) while the stream is being recorded.

You can set the MinimServer logging level to Debug before you start the recording. If the recording stops early, the MinimServer log should contain information about why this happened. Please compress the minimserver.log file using zip or similar (important to save space) and attach the compressed log to a forum post. Do not attempt to post the log contents inline.

yesterdays rcording did not stop earlier. I had the debug level enabled and found only one error at the end of the recording. MAybe this is of any interest for you:

...snipped many messages for 'Thread-682'...
21:59:57.159 Thread-682: ChunkedFilter: chunk length is 23824
21:59:57.159 Thread-682: ChunkedFilter: returning 1432 bytes at offset 173490852
21:59:59.133 Thread-682: ChunkedFilter: returning 1432 bytes at offset 173514684
22:00:00.000 Thread-709: Streamer: stopping recording task KlassikRadio+2000-2200*
22:00:00.000 Thread-709: ChainImpl: stop org.jstreamer.core.ChainImpl@5222611
22:00:00.000 Thread-709: ChainImpl: stopping chain org.jstreamer.core.ChainImpl@5222611
22:00:00.000 Thread-709: ChainSource: stopping reader thread
22:00:00.000 Thread-709: ChainSource: stopping source
22:00:00.001 Thread-709: NetworkSource: closing outgoing socket Socket[,port=80,localport=35925]
22:00:00.001 Thread-709: ChainSource: source stopped
22:00:00.001 Thread-709: TargetChain: stop
22:00:00.001 Thread-709: TargetChain: stopping subchain
22:00:00.001 Thread-709: ChainImpl: stop org.jstreamer.core.ChainImpl@3308a8cf
22:00:00.001 Thread-709: ChainImpl: removing target from org.jstreamer.core.TargetChain@5342f2f5
22:00:00.001 Thread-709: ChainImpl: stop org.jstreamer.core.ChainImpl@5222611
22:00:00.001 Thread-709: ChainImpl: stopping chain org.jstreamer.core.ChainImpl@3308a8cf
22:00:00.001 Thread-709: ChainTarget: stop
22:00:00.001 Thread-709: ChainTarget: stopping target
22:00:00.001 Thread-709: FileTarget: closing output stream
22:00:00.001 Thread-709: ChainTarget: target stopped
22:00:00.001 Thread-709: ChainImpl: stopped chain org.jstreamer.core.ChainImpl@3308a8cf
22:00:00.001 Thread-709: TargetChain: subchain stopped
22:00:00.001 Thread-709: ChainImpl: stopped chain org.jstreamer.core.ChainImpl@5222611
22:00:00.001 Thread-682: ChainSource: error reading input stream: org.jstreamer.OutputException: Socket closed
MinimStreamer: stopped recording task KlassikRadio+2000-2200*
22:00:00.001 Thread-682: Buffer: closing buffer: org.jstreamer.core.Buffer@311c1377
22:00:00.001 Thread-709: Streamer: removeCancelledTasks
22:00:00.002 Thread-681: BufferReader: fillBuffer returned -1: buffer=org.jstreamer.core.Buffer@311c1377
22:00:00.002 Thread-681: ChainTarget: end of data from input stream
22:00:00.002 Thread-681: ChainImpl: stop org.jstreamer.core.ChainImpl@3308a8cf
22:00:00.002 Thread-681: BufferPoolReader: close
22:00:00.002 Thread-681: BufferReader: close: buffer=org.jstreamer.core.Buffer@47a4959c
22:00:00.002 Thread-681: Buffer: removeReader: org.jstreamer.core.Buffer@47a4959c
22:00:00.002 Thread-681: Buffer: removeReaders calling notifyAll: org.jstreamer.core.Buffer@47a4959c
22:00:00.002 Thread-681: BufferReader: close: buffer=org.jstreamer.core.Buffer@311c1377
22:00:00.002 Thread-681: Buffer: removeReader: org.jstreamer.core.Buffer@311c1377
22:00:00.002 Thread-681: Buffer: removeReaders calling notifyAll: org.jstreamer.core.Buffer@311c1377

I will post again if I have a recording that stopped earlier.
Thanks for doing this. The messages in this log are as expected when a timed recording ends normally.
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