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Full Version: No artwork from dsf files
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I managed to rip several of my SACDs into dsf files. These files contain embedded artwork.
As I am trying out which music server software to settle on, I tried jRiver MediaCenter, and now I am trying MinimServer (all currently installed on a Mac).

I want to control this either with the Lumin app for my iPad, or with the HEOS app, or with the browser offered by my Marantz receiver.

Using jRiver, I could see all my embedded artwork on whichever controller I used.

With MinimServer 2: Nothing. No artwork from any of the dsf files.
(As a test: Linking my iTunes library into MinimServer, I can see the embedded artwork from all my MP3 or AAC/M4A files).

Is there a bug, or, what do I have to do to get this to work with dsf files, too?
Do you have a small (in relative terms) DSF file that you could upload to my FTP server so that I can look and see what is happening? What is the size of one of your smaller DSF files?
I do - whereto should I upload it? I have a ~20MB file that I can give you.

I also noticed, when linking my iTunes library, that many files in there (about 40%) don't show album art either in Minimserver, even though they do in iTunes or Media Center....
I will send you a PM with details of how to upload this file. 20 MB is fine.

iTunes can store artwork separately from the audio files and this is likely to be the reason why some of your iTunes library files don't show artwork in MinimServer. As the artwork is shown in Media Center, this probably means that Media Center is able to access the special iTunes location. It is possible to add this separate artwork to your audio files using a "Doug script".
Thanks for uploading these two files. Neither of them contains embedded artwork.

You might be able to use JRiver to fix this. On this page, see the sections "Save Cover Art in the file (when possible)" and "Saving Cover Art Next to Files". MinimServer supports embedded artwork and Folder.jpg files. It also supports albumname.jpg and filename.jpg files. See this section for details.
Hello Simon -

That surprised me, thank you for pointing this out! The DSF files of course don'g go into iTunes - but they immediately showed with artwork in jRiver... so I thought it was in there. And the other file I never saw without artwork as long as I had it (it's from a disc I ripped in iTunes).

Thanks for your hint about using jRiver to fix the problem. I had it analyze all my iTunes library - and I had some 7,000 files without artwork - which I was able to fix within a few hours thanks to your hint to use jRiver for that.
Now all the files show with the proper artwork in Lumin and HEOS, too - when I have them served from Minimserver.

Thanks for your help!

It sounds like JRiver has some magic for discovering artwork that isn't in the file (without iTunes). I'm pleased to hear that everything is working OK now.
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