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Full Version: Finding artist folder in library
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I added a folder named : JON & VANGELIS Discography in the music library
This folder is not showing up in the app under : All Artists ? ..its seems to be [Unknown]
Yes it showing up under [folder view]

Also a problem that i don't get the folder structure from the library under All artists
I like to see JON & VANGELIS Discography listed under : All artists
So i must add it?
When you select All Artists, you see indexed entries for files that contain Artist tags. Any files that do not contain Artist tags are shown under [unknown]. If you want the files in the JON & VANGELIS folder to be indexed under All Artists, you need to add Artist tags to these files.
Thanks Simon
I try it to add those tags and try to get more understanding of the structure of all how this is setup
I think i got a tags structure from someone here on the forum to use on the minimserver ( i fii lthem in)
In Mp3tag editor it has less main tags then now in minimserver ( in app and pc )
So i think that there is used a more advanced tageditor by the person who gave me the maintags for the minimserver ?
Where in Mp3tag are you looking for the tags? The left pane has a subset of main tags and scrolling across the main window columns will also show a subset. You can add additional tag fields to these views, for example

The standard tags available in Mp3tag are shown here

Additionally you can add custom tags if you so wish. Hope this helps.
I will look at it and think at forehand that this helps..
Let you know how it works out
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