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Full Version: Minimserver .8.5.3 won't properly scan music directory on Synology NAS.
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I have minim server .8.5.3 installed properly and running on a Synology NAS. My music directory has the following structure:

Music (the following 4 subdirectories are under this directory)
......DSD Music (.dsf music files by artist/album under this)
......CD Music (music files ripped from CDs by artist/album under this)
......HD Music (music files > CD bit rates by artist/album under this)
......LD Music (.mp3 music files by artist/album under this)

When I set minimserver to scan this directory, it says it's running but never shows up in my UPNP players.

If I reset minimum server to any of the subdirectories under Music (i.e DSD Music, CD Music, etc), then it shows up properly in UPNP players.

Is minimserver not able to handle this directory structure?

Help appreciated.
For problems like this, a useful starting point is to look at the MinimServer log to see if there are any error messages. You can do this by installing the MinimWatch application on another computer (Windows, Mac or Linux) on your local network. Alternatively, you can look at the minimserver.log file in the appData subfolder of the MinimServer shared folder.

If your library is very large, it is possible that you are running into a MinimServer limitation of no more than 65000 folders (not files) in your library. The log will confirm whether or not this is the reason for what you are seeing.
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