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Full Version: Viewing all of the tracks of an Album Artist in order
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Hi Folks
As my friends here will testify, I am not the brightest bunny in these parts when it comes to configuring Minim, but I do enjoy using it, and pondering its potential.

Something I would love to be able to do on my quite extensive collection of jazz and pop CDs is this:

Imagine I have 20 CDs on my streamer by Django Reinhardt (which is no exaggeration). I want to compare different versions of repeated recordings (e.g. Nuages). Now it seems any control point will enable me to browse through one CD after the other - a long list of CDs with about 20 tracks on each.

What I would love to be able to do is to view all 400 tracks in alphabetical order (or date order! - another wish) so all recordings of Nuages will appear together.

As a starting point I have imagined that I need to get rid of the concept of Albums, and get Minim to think that every Album Artist is an Album. This way Django Reinhardt would become one large 400 track CD. How would one order these tracks?

The advantages of this for me are many - great for making up interesting playlists and invaluable for the musicology side of our passion.

I prefer to use Lumin, I don't see why it would not work with this as long as I reloaded the Music Library after making the adjustments. Or would another control app be better?

Any help on this project will be gratefully received.

donuk beautiful downtown York
The solution is very simple and doesn't require any change to your tagging.

1) Open folder view on the LUMIN app

2) Select Django Reinhardt

3) You should see menu choices for 20 albums and 400 items, Sellect the "items" choce.

4) You will see all 400 tracks sorted in alphabetical order. To change this order, use the items.sortTags property (see this section).
Gosh Simon! You are clever....
Never tend to use folder view.

It must be comforting to you to know that your products appeal to all parts of the intellectual spectrum.

Have a good day

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