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Full Version: Change profile using BubbleUPnP
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I have no way of checking if this already exists as I used up my MinimServer 2 trial a while ago to check that no functionality that I used had disappeared (I'm waiting on the Linux builds before a purchase) so I thought I'd ask here.

Is there any chance we can switch between MinimServer 2 profiles within BubbleUPnP much like we can initiate a rescan?
Assuming this doesn't already exist it would obviously take BubbleUPnP development, and also some MinimServer development if there aren't already API's that would enable this.
There is an API for doing this. It is used by the Melco firmware.
That's good news from the MinimServer side.

I think getting this into BubbleUPnP would make using profiles a much slicker operation. I know @bubbleguuum frequents these forums so I'll see if he manages to see this thread and offer an opionion, failing that I'll try on the BubbleUPnP forum in a couple of days.
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