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Full Version: PDF Booklets - Option Gone
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Hi Simon,

It seems that the option to view pdf based booklets is no longer visible when using BubbleUPnP app.
This happens both with MinimServer (running on my Linux desktop) and MinimServer2 (running on Synology NAS).

I have attached the profile for MinimServer2

Anything I should try? Any insight into this?

Thanks for letting me know about this. The current version of BubbleUPnP is not displaying the HTML <a> booklet link tag that MinimServer sends to the control point. I have confirmed that MinimServer is sending the link and the link is working.
Thanks for looking into this.
May you can tap cover or in the three dot menu metadata
There has been no change in BubbleUPnP, and I checked that it still works.

There's a typo in attached default.txt file (missing >)

Comment.displayFormat={$*infoFileURI^<a href="^"Booklet</a>$comment}

should be:

Comment.displayFormat={$*infoFileURI^<a href="^">Booklet</a>$comment}
Thanks, bubbleguuum! Your eyes are sharper than mine....

I have confirmed that everything is working OK with the typo corrected.
My bad. Thank you all for your prompt help.
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