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Full Version: What to do with the minimserver 2
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Recently i installed the minim musicserver 2 on my computer
The reason for this was that the network receiver must be controlled by remote control for listening to my music database

I select the musicserver and can search for :

The netwerkreceiver is standing low, so i can't see the screen easily for selecting music

That's why i do want to use the minim server from my PC ( windows 10-64 bit )

How to configure further the minimserver in order to browse and search in the music database ?
Controlling ( start and stop the selected music too and what else more?

Do i need a license for getting more wanted functionality ?
What is the network receiver that you are using? Does it support UPnP/DLNA? Does it provide an app (UPnP control point) for selecting and playing music remotely?

Its a modern Marantz melody 612 x receiver and it supports UPnP/DLNA , beaucse i can select the minim server on the receiver as musicserver.
There is a HEOS app what is used for internetradio

You should be able to use the HEOS app to browse your MinimServer library, select music and start and stop playing. A number of other third-party control apps are available for iPad/iPhone and Android.

I suggest you start with the free starter edition of MinimServer 2 to become familiar with how MinimServer works. If you need the extra features in the full version, you can activate a 30-day free trial to try these features before you decide whether to purchase a full license. The features included in Starter Edition and the features that require the full version are listed on this page.

A big improvement to use HEOS app instead of the remote control of the receiver.
Its works great now, but the musiclibrary selection is limited to artists, albums, genres, songs.

I hope by using the minim music server that i can do a more personal selection of songs to listening on my computer
Have installed already the starter edition of minimserver 2 for some months now.
Probably i activated earlier the 30-day free trial ?, so its expired then i suppose ( how to check this )

How does it works all on my computer with minim music server ?
You can check the license by opening the MinimServer configuration web page and selecting the License tab. If the trial license has expired, you will see a message saying this.

For more information about using MinimServer 2 on a Windows PC, see this page. If you want to see more tags in your library index (not just artist, date, genre, composer), you need to purchase a full license. The full license also provides many other features (see "Additional features available with a full license" on this page).
Ah, i thought when i installed minimserver the trial periode is started, but that's not the case
So i have actived the trial license now.
The music library for Marantz melody x has : artist, album, genre, song + Search and browsing folders

Important for me is doing all on PC : choosing music and remote control
The trial version has all features, so i try this out.

Note: the setup is windows 10 64 bit and a modern networkreceiver and now figure out further how to operate this from my computer.
Minimstreamer is installed now.
I do need a screen on my computer then i can see the library , but i read something about a "control point"
Probably i do need to install a program for the library handling?
There are not many control points for Windows. I use Linn Kinsky but this requires an OpenHome renderer. You could try AudioNet RCP (see this page).
Lin Kinsky is for the mac computer ( the music computer, ms windows with his one audiodriver to use in music software like Cubase is a not a music computer).
AudioNet RCP is working ( i think) 100 % on my computer with the minim server
How to get further now the functionality from the activated trial version of minim server 2 with the installed contol point (AudioNet)?
There is a list of additional features available with the full or trial license in the section "Additional features available with a full license" on this page.

For more details about these features and how to configure them using the MinimServer properties dialog, see the MinimServer user guide.

If you have questions about using any of these features, please post them here.
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