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Full Version: Current status of BBC radio on HEOS or MusicCast devices?
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Hi all,

I'm looking to set up a multi-room audio system and (because I want to be able to play from CDs and records as well as digital sources, and because high-end stuff like Linn is out of my price range) have narrowed the choice down to either the HEOS platform, e.g. using a system like the Denon RCD-N10, or MusicCast, e.g. the Yamaha CRX-N470D.

As I understand it if I follow the instructions at then I should be able to set up a playlist of BBC radio stations and then find and select them under 'music server' from the hi-fi system and/or the HEOL or MusicCast app. I've seen a few previous posts about this on the forum but I'm not sure whether the issues that people found were ever resolved successfully.

Can anyone confirm that this is currently working for them with a HEOL or MusicCast system please?

I could get these streams with BBC Sounds on a phone via analogue connection or AirPlay, but the goal is to have the station on a preset/'favourite' on the hi-fi so that it can be called up by pressing a single button...
In addition to the convenience aspect, I think you will find the streams sound better when played via MinimServer/MinimStreamer.
Thanks for the reply. I've got MinimServer+Streamer up and running on an old Pi and confirmed that I can play the BBC streams in VLC on a Mac, but it would be great to have positive confirmation that these also work on the Denon or Yamaha hi-fis...

(Incidentally I had to use sudo apt install openjdk-8-jdk rather than default-jdk on my Pi 1B, in case that helps anyone getting stuck with an error message.)
This is the wonderful world of Linux, where dfferent versions support different packages and can even use the same package name to mean different things. Smile

I have all the Pi generations from Pi1 to Pi4. Upgrading your Pi1 to a Pi3 would provide a huge improvement in responsiveness at a very modest cost.
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