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Full Version: MinimWatch Java error
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Hi Simon - Java error 'Libjli not found' is preventing the latest Mac version of Minimwatch loading on my system - Java is latest Ver8 251. Any workround or fix please? David P
Which version of macOS are you running and which web page did you use to download and install Java?
Please open a Terminal window and type this command:


This should display the location where Java is installed. What output do you see from the command?
Hi Simon

macOS sierra 10.12.6

Java is from Oracle through the SysPref coontrol panel and is Ver8 Upd 251 (build 1.8.0_251-b08)

Output from Terminal command reads:

Thanks - David
Hijacking my own thread here - I've installed JDK 14 as you recommend elsewhere and Watch in now running on my Mac fine - updated Meclo and MinimServer 2 to latest versions too but Watch is not yet talking to the Melco. Trying a system reboot and will let you know.
See this post for more information about the Java problem.

If MinimWatch can't see your Melco, check your Mac firewall settings. If MinimWatch isn't listed as allowed to receive incoming connections, you need to add it.
Despite asking to be allowed incoming connections - though in the Firewall list - needed to be deleted and added back. All now working as it should be. Thanks
Thanks, this is useful information. I will add this to the installation instructions.
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