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Full Version: Suggestion for Troubleshooting section of instructions
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I recently spent a couple of days helping an Internet friend getting a DLNA system up. First, I had him install MinimServer and BubbleUPnP. However, his control point could not see the server.

After trying many things, I asked him for the IP addresses of the server machine and the phone with the control point.

He had two wireless routers in his house, each doing its own NAT, and the two devices were on different wireless networks. Once that was corrected, the system worked fine.

My suggestion is to add Double NAT as a potential cause of not being able to find the server. I never would have set up a network that way, but an intelligent person lacking network experience can not realize they have distinct networks until something fails.

This fellow -- a professor in an endowed chair -- sends thanks for MinimServer. He said that the instructions for MinimServer were far better than almost all software he has used.
Thanks for this suggestion. I have added a paragraph about this to the Troubleshooting page.
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