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I have recently begun to use Minimserver (on Raspberry Pi) and Hi-Fi Cast (on Android). Thank you Simon.

I have to retag all my files and because it's time consuming, I would like to get your advices for those both points :

1. I would like to display the tag <ORIGINALYEAR> and not <DATE> in Hi-Fi Cast. For instance, if an album get a new "Deluxe edition" release, I want to search by the original year only. How to setup MinimServer to get this field in Hi-Fi Cast ?

2. Using the same case, the "deluxe edition" is based on 2 CDs. First one is the remastered original version and the second content is lives, remixes. How can I display <CD1> an <CD2> in the tracks list? Indeed I would like the easlily remove the <CD2> from my play list. I tried to tag <DISC NUMBER> and <TOTAL DISC> but the list don't show CD1 neither CD2.

Thank you for your help.
Welcome to the MinimServer forum!

Which tagging program do you use to tag your files?
I use Foobar2000 (it's my Swiss knife)

For treatment by batch, I tried Metatogger which is amayzing and freeware


Regarding my second question, I found the way using the tag together <DISCSUBTITLE>, <DISC NUMBER> and <TOTAL DISC> .
Minimserver show directories in the tracks list, for instance "original album" and "remixes" depending of the variables freely applied
The <ORIGINALYEAR> tag in foobar2000 should come through to MinimServer as ORIGINALDATE.

To use ORIGINALDATE in place of DATE when there is an ORIGINALDATE tag in the file, set the aliasTags property to:


The :- (colon minus) symbol tells MinimServer to replace DATE with ORIGINALDATE if both tags are present.
Thank you but where to add : OriginalDate:-Date ?
Is there a guide somewhere ?

NB : i'm operating a Raspberry Pi
This page has a lot of information about how to configure your MinimServer properties when running MinimServer on a Raspberry Pi. You can do this either from the Raspberry Pi desktop or from another computer that is running the MinimWatch application.
Sorry for this stupid question but where do I have to dial the command ?
Is there somewhere some exemple to follow ?
Are you running MinimWatch as well as MinimServer?

Do you run your Raspberry Pi with a full-screen desktop or do you use a terminal command-line interface?
(29-04-2020 14:10)simoncn Wrote: [ -> ]Are you running MinimWatch as well as MinimServer?

Yes both :
Minimserver on Raspberry Pi
MinimWatch on a Windows 10

(29-04-2020 14:10)simoncn Wrote: [ -> ]Do you run your Raspberry Pi with a full-screen desktop or do you use a terminal command-line interface?

Yes via VLC in full screen

Should i dial the command " OriginalDate:-Date" as a command line from the root directory ? if so I will try this evening
1) In MinimWatch, right-click on the minim icon (a small musical note in the taskbar notification area) and select Properties

2) The first field is named aliasTags. Type the string into this field.

3) Click the OK button

4) Right-click on the minim icon again and select Restart
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