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Full Version: Group-tag not appearing
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In my office and at home I run two separate instances of Minimserver using the same tag properties and copies of the same library.

In my indexTags property I have included the tag Group:Werk. The group entry is tagged with entries like Beethoven: op 1. No. 1. or similar.

In the office this will show up in Volumio just fine and allow to quickly navigate and compare works by a particular composer. The Werk property is available in all subviews within different genres.

However at home on a Linn based system using Kazoo as control-point Werk is not appearing.

It seems for some reason that Minimserver is not scanning this property on the home-system.

The log will show a probably unrelated error message "MinimServer: 0$=KlassikGenre$=Genre$1842 isn't a valid object"

IndexTags: Artist, KlassikGenre=Klassik:Klassik Bibliothek, Group:Werk, Composer:Komponist, Conductor:Dirigent, Date:Jahr, Genre, #AudioQuality
Are you using Linn Kazoo on your home system? If so, is Kazoo running on iPad/iPhone or on Android? There have been a number of reports of problems like this with Kazoo, caused by Kazoo having out-of-date cached information about the MinimServer library.
Yes Linn Kazoo on the home system via iPad. Restarting both didn't fix the issue. Tried several times.
Did you restart Kazoo or restart the iPad? If you "closed" Kazoo by swiping up, this doesn't really close it as it still retains some cached information. You should go back to the list of media servers and reselect MinimServer from there. Also, you need to rescan MinimServer, not just restart it.
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