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Full Version: Hifi in a Virus world - a suggestion
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Yes, I have mentioned it. And nobody wants a sane hifi forum to turn into a Facebook shock-horror page.

But I am wondering if we can support each other a bit through this period. A time when many of us are at home, with our thoughts and hifis.

We, dare I say, are an intelligent polite group, interested in digital hifi, with a lot of knowledge and experience of life between us. Some of us may be a bit lonely - certainly I will miss coffees at my local hifi shop.

So why don't we get to know each other? Over the years, from the Naim and Linn forums, I have made several friends, some of whom I socialise with and we enjoy each other's systems.

So why not start here - Simon - your forum - your approval needed of course.

We could simply take a name from the threads and randomly PM them and say "hello, where are you? This is me and what I do. &c."

Or we could indicate on a thread like this that we are very happy to be PMed by anybody for a chat - a preferable way that would prevent unnecessary intrusion from those who want to be left alone.

PMed contacts can lead wherever individuals want - exchange of e mails perhaps. Yes, we would have to be careful, but we have these sorts of dangers, and have to use appropriate wisdom all the time.

So how about it chaps, and hopefully chapesses.

Donuk beautiful downtown York
Thanks for this suggestion. Let's try it, using this thread for coordination.

I think your suggestion to let people indicate on this thread that they would welcome social PMs is a good one. It could be awkward for people to receive these "out of the blue" and feel an obligation to respond in kind.
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