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Full Version: Join between two tags
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Hello Simon

I’m trying to define a new tag that is the result of the join between Composer and Grouping
For example : Ludwig van Beethoven Moonlight Sonata ...
I defined a tag named Comp-Work in indexTags
Then in tagValue Comp-Work.default={Composer}
and finally in tagFormat Comp-Work={$Comp-Work$Grouping}
But I can only obtain the Comp-Work tag with just the Composer
What am I missing?

Thank you

Edit in tagFormat Comp-Work.displayFormat={$Comp-Work$Grouping}
The displayFormat value is not shown in the index. You can use indexFormat for this but only to add tags that don't exist currently. For what you want, you could set tagFormat to:

It works! Wonderful

Thank you
It works! Wonderful

Thank you
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