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Full Version: Transcoding 16bit files with fir file
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I have 8 FIR files from 44.1kHz all the way to 192kHz. Everything works fine except 16bit / 44.1 flac files. For whatever reason, these files will not be trasncoded into 24bit. They are played at 16bit which lead me thinking that the FIR file does not apply properly even though I can see it applied in the log.
See attached screenshot.

The setting flac:wav; transcodes FLAC to WAV without changing the bit depth. If you want to transcode 16-bit FLAC to 24-bit WAV, you need flac:wav24;
Is there any issue even if the FIR file is 24bit?
I don't think this is an issue. The sample rate should match if possible for best results, so MinimServer selects the closest matching sample rate but doesn't do this for bit depth.
Got it. Many thanks!
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