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Full Version: Offline parameters
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This is not so much a problem but I'm curious.

I do not exit MinimServer each evening. I just close the screen on my laptop (which is used as a server). Next morning I just open up again and log in and start playing. Sometimes my Lumin app shows that MinimServer is offline, other times not. The playing works in both moods but I can't reload my music files of course.

Yesterday it was offline most time but today not. I know there were a big issue yesterday on the internet. Does this influence if the player is offline or not?

Sometimes I exit and do a restart and then the offline-status disappear.

What are the parameters for offline status?
A number of users have experienced problems like this with the LUMIN app. See this thread for more details. Although the title of the thread refers to the Linn DS, these problems are likely to affect other systems as well.
I am a dedicated Lumin user - love it...

But it sometimes is a bit reluctant to find both my streamer and Minim.
Both on my iPad and iPhone.
So when I pick up my iPad to listen to music I always close Lumin by flicking it off the screen, and open it again. Then it is always fine. It always takes a few more seconds to find streamer.
Linn apps are temperamental too. Ironically Kinsky is in my experience, the most reliable.

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