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Full Version: Minimserver is no longer recognized by any UpnP/DLNA Control Point
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Minimserver is no longer recognized by Minimwatch nor by my ControlPoint (Naim)
However: ip:9790 is working, NAIM streamer is recognizing Minimserver
But it is impossible to use any Control Point App.
(Standard support procedure do not work - Switch off all devices (router, switch ..))
Minimserver is running on raspberry pi, router is a Fritzbox 7590

Solution found:
Problem is my Zyxel Switch:
Once I connect Minimserver and the PC running MinimWatch directly to the Fritzbox everthing is working properly. So I have to buy new switches?!
Is IGMP snooping enabled in the switch configuration? If so, try disabling it.

As this thread is not related to MinimStreamer, I am moving it to the Support section of the forum.
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