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Full Version: Year tag in Lumin shows no "Year"
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Lumin has two date tags. One is sorted by "latest entry" which works. Then there is a tag that should show the "Year" (recording or release date as in the Mp3Tag). Unfortunatele it does not.

On the Mp3Tag there is a column showing "Year" and the data is OK. In the MinimServer proerties/indexTags, I have set Artist, Album, Title, Year, Genre, Composer.

All of them are visible in Lumin except "Year". What have I done wrong?
The tag name is Date (not Year) so you need Date in indexTags instead of Year. It is unfortunate and confusing that Mp3tag is displaying Year for the column.
Super... it worked.


Is it not MinimServer that is confusing in this regards? The metadata is "Year", not "Date" as far as I know. I guess this is why both Mp3Tag and Lumin use "Year".
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