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Full Version: Replaygain
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I performed many changes to my system in the last days. Replaced amplifiers and changed connections. Also did a few stop/starts to Minimserver during the process. I have the impression that Replaygain does not work anymore although properties are still set and during playback in Kinsky the Album displays as WAV24 (converted from flac) and the concatenated dB of Replaygain is shown.

Maybe the stop/start invoked a Minimstreamer update and I need the new license? Properties show 0.7.15.

I don't receive any messages or errors but volume differs from album to album
Nothing has changed in MinimStreamer that could have affected this. MinimStreamer 0.7.15 is the current version and is licensed until 31 July.

When converting flac to WAV24, you need flac:wav24; (with a semicolon) rather than flac:wav if you want to do replay gain processing. It has always been this way.
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