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Full Version: minimserver on aarch64 error - java/ohnet incompatibility
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Hi erverybody! Smile

I'm trying to run minimserver on an vero 4k, which is running osmc (based on debian) on an aarch64 (ARM 64bit, I think ARMv8) CPU. When trying to run the daemon I see this in the log:

Quote:Module ohnet(linux-arm64) is incompatible with Java platform
Removing incompatible package 'minimserver-'
(repeating as long as I keep the server running)

The java package is openjdk-8-jdk installed via apt-get, which identifies as
Package: openjdk-8-jdk
Source: openjdk-8
Version: 8u222-b10-1~deb9u1

I didn't manage to install a different version yet. jdk 9 doesn't seem to have an official open source ARM port yet, trying to get it from mercurial manually right now... but I'm not sure that's a good idea Wink.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
It looks like you have downloaded the arm64 version of MinimServer and you are trying to run this on a 32-bit operating system. Even though your hardware is 64-bit capable, the MinimServer download needs to match the architecture of the OS if this isn't the same as the hardware. I suggest you try the armhf version of MinimServer.
... and that was it. The error message wasn't helpful, but I should have thought about this Smile. Glad this was such a simple fix.
Thanks Simon!
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