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Full Version: Isolate FFMPEG on a dedicated CPU
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From my notes, this is how I install minim :

tar -xvf MinimServer-
cd minimserver/bin/

So yes, I use setup
I uninstall minim and install it again, using ./setup.
there is no minim.service file in /usr/lib/systemd/system/

The correct path on Debian 10 seem to be :

But in fact this file is created at each boot and modify it don't remain between..
What can be cool is the possibility to input this string in ffmpeg location :

taskset -cp 3 /usr/bin/ffmpeg

rather than


Anyway, thank Simon for your support
You could create a script (also named ffmpeg) that does this (passing all the script arguments to /usr/bin/ffmpeg), then put the full path to your script in the stream.converter property.
Thank, but this is far beyond my current knowledge.
I create this script :


taskset -cp 3 /usr/bin/ffmpeg $@

But when I try to enter :


In Mininserver stream.converter property, when I click Apply button i get an error :

converter not installed; correct highlighted value and retry.
You need -c instead of -cp and "$@" instead of $@.
-cp is more immediate than -p and ran too ;-)

But even with the mods you indicate, the result is the same at Minimserver properties settings... Converter not installed

I also tried to move the script to


and just input "ffmpeg" to stream.converter property, but system ran the ffmpeg in is path (/usr/bin/ffmpeg).

Did you tried the trick ?
The real script *may* be :


taskset 3 /usr/bin/ffmpeg "$@"

$@ and "$@" seem to operate the same.

no -p or -cp in the command. -p or -cp is for change the CPU of an existing PID Angel
But there is 2 running ffmpeg for the same files with this trick.

One behave to Minimserver (PPID = Minimserver PID)
the other behave to the one created per Minimser (PPID = FFMPEG previous PID).

Well, it's late. Have to go. Maybe a good night can light up some lights

root      3273   477  0  1681  3068   1 18:54 ?        00:00:00 /bin/bash /home/minimserver/opt/bin/ffmpeg -v 0 -analyzeduration 0 -f aiff -request_sample_fmt flt -i /home/manu/musiques/Asaf Avidan
root      3276  3273  3 73315 39556   0 18:54 ?        00:00:00 /usr/bin/ffmpeg -v 0 -analyzeduration 0 -f aiff -request_sample_fmt flt -i /home/manu/musiques/Asaf Avidan/The Study On Falling/01-08
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