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Full Version: Multiple contentgroup (TIT1) tags in MP3
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Sorry to bother again.

I use contentgroup tags to represent the type of titles (piano sonata, piano concert, ...). And quite often I assign multiple such tags (e.g. concert; piano concert; piano). That works great for flac-files. But I just noticed that my mp3 files only show under the first contentgroup (=TIT1) tag and all others are disregarded. Could you add support for multiple contentgroup (=TIT1) tags in mp3-files?
PS: Looking more closely it seems to be a more general question. I also use a custom tag "epoch" to tag the epoch of a composer, which I also assign multiple times (e.g. for Mozart "classic" and "Vienna Classic"). Again that works great for flac but it does not seem to work for mp3 in the same way.

I understand that there are some tag types that must not be assigned multiple times (title, album artist [not even differently inside the same album]). But in general one of the great things about minimserver for me is that it can handle tag multiples.
Are you using ID3v2.3 or ID3v2.4 for the tags in your MP3 files? ID3v2.3 allows multiple values for only a limited set of tag names. If you convert the tags to ID3v2.4 (many tagging programs can do this), this should solve the problem.
Indeed, that seems to have been the problem. Thanks!
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