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Full Version: minimserver startup error after update 132
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unfortunately it happens again on my DS710+ (post 22-11-2019).

After the last update 132 minimserver stopped.

Attached you find the minimserver-crash-report.

Maybe a similar problem? Any ideas?

Many thanks,
My apologies for letting this slip through. It was caused by a dfferent module that had been compiled using Java 7. It is fixed now in MinimServer update 133 and MinimWatch update 64.
Thanks for the quick fix.

But it won't work: I have still update 132 on my DS710+. No automatic update and also the manual update with the current MinimServer- from the minimserver-website leads only to update 132.

I do hope it is just a minor issue.
You should be able to solve this by doing the following:

1) From Package Center on the Synology, uninstall MinimServer
2) At the prompt that asks you whether to backup the configuration file, choose to do this and not uninstall completely
3) From Package Center on the Synology, reinstall MinimServer (you don't need to do a manual download of the file)
Worked perfectly.

Many thanks.
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