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Full Version: BBC Radio Question
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Hi and sorry to be so dumb. I thought I was spoilt for Radio choices between minimserver and bubbleDS controlling Linn DS devices but have just found I could not listen to live BBC broadcast of Dead Ringers. It seems my system only offers Radio 4 (World News) which means I must have the system set up incorrectly.

On looking closer I have no idea how or where within my setup the radio has been installed. Ignorance is bliss!!! I have a file in my library served by minimserver which I can select but it no longer works and I tend to use the Radio tab on BubbleDS app until I just learned Radio 4 only offers World News and not the Home Service.

Is there a wiki how to for setting up BBC radio streams on minimserever for playing with BubbleDS control point?
See this page for a step-by-step guide.

You didn't miss much by not being able to hear Dead Ringers. Not one of their finest. A few parts were good.
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