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Full Version: Mac as streamer
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OK I want some simple help please.
I have a main hifi system, Linn, networking from a Melco. All fine.

I also have all my CDs backed up on another external hard disk plugged into my Mac PC.

I have installed separate Minimserver and Minimwatch on my Mac PC. I also have Kazoo on my PC.
Kazoo can find my PC OK. When I use it to playback is chooses "Main Room" and plays through my Linn, downstairs!

What I want it to be able to stream from my external hard disk, though my Mac, though its own audio, out the back, and into my speakers on the desk by the PC. I want to use my Mac as a streamer. Totally independently of my downstairs hifi system.

What software should I install on my Mac? The options seem variable and competitive. Something simple, preferably free please. Just to get the signal from Minimserver, via Kazoo to the audio out.....

thanks Donuk beautiful downtown York
You should be able to use OpenHome Player for Mac to do this.
As ever, Simon, brilliant.
Installed, easy peasy.
Thanks for great support. Do take Christmas day off!!

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