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Full Version: "incorrect tag name" error
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I've been using MinimServer & MinimWatch since Oct 4, included in a sonicTransporter setup (Linux media server). I'm not an advanced user, just want to have simple DLNA running on my network.

I just noticed that CD's I've ripped since Oct 4 weren't showing up, so I selected Rescan from MinimWatch. It immediately turned the icon red and the server stopped, with the following error message:

MinimServer: incorrect tag name 'Composer' in property 'tagCustom'
MinimServer error: now stopped, use 'restart' or 'exit'

Any advice on how to fix this? Again, I'm not an advanced user, but I found this in the Advanced Properties settings: (I assume it was the default as I surely didn't type it here.)

tagCustom: AlbumArtist.displayRole={artist}, Composer.displayRole={artist}
By default, Composer is part of indexTags. If you have deleted it from there and not added it to itemTags, you will get this error.

The fix is to either

1) put Composer back in indexTags or itemTags, or

2) delete Composer.displayRole={artist} from tagCustom
Bam! Solved. Many Thanks.
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