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Full Version: Help file for MinimServer Properties
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I am relatively new to MinimServer. This is a fabulous program especially for Classical Music. I am using it in conjunction with MediaMonkey on my PC's, and through my Yamaha receiver. Both are working well, though I am still learning.

There are quite a number of references to the properties which can be configured scattered around the online documentation. This is generally very good as a guide to how to do things.

Has anyone done a document or forum post that systematically goes through all the property choices, and what each of them can be made to do? What are the possible valid entries for each property?

Thanks, PeterG3699
Welcome to the MinimServer forum!

From the home page of the MinimServer website, select 'User guide', then select 'MinimServer properties'. This page has a complete list of all the properties, with a link for each property to the section describing how the property is used.
Thank you!

Don't know how I missed that!
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