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Full Version: BBC HLS Streams.
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I have just discovered that on my Linn KDSM two of my radio stations are only showing 128kbs as opposed to normal 320kbs.This only applies to Radio 2 and Radio 4 all other stations are showing normal 320kbs.I have stopped and started Minimserver and rescanned Minimwatch to no avail.Any help would be much appreciated.
Are you using a MinimStreamer .m3u playlist for your BBC radio stations? If so, please post the complete .m3u file.
Many thanks for your immediate reply.I will do this asap.
For some reason I can't open Minimwatch,just shown as not responding.I found this among downloads.
#EXTM3Ubbc_asia1,[*R1] BBC Radio 1
#EXTINF:-1,[*R1X] BBC Radio 1Xtra
#EXTINF:-1,[*R2] BBC Radio 2
#EXTINF:-1,[*R3] BBC Radio 3
#EXTINF:-1,[*R4] BBC Radio 4 FM
#EXTINF:-1,[*R4X] BBC Radio 4 Extra
#EXTINF:-1,[*R4L] BBC Radio 4 LW
#EXTINF:-1,[*R5] BBC Radio 5 Live
#EXTINF:-1,[*R5X] BBC Radio 5 Live Sports Extra
#EXTINF:-1,[*R6] BBC Radio 6 Music
#EXTINF:-1,[*AN] BBC Asian Network
#EXTINF:-1,[*WS] BBC World Service
This was found included in this download.
#EXTM3Ubbc_asia1,[*R1] BBC R.textClipping
This file appears to be corrupt. The first line should just say #EXTM3U but is folllowed by garbled extra text. Also, there is something strange at the end.

I suggest you delete your current file and replace it with a complete new file downloaded from this link. After downloading it, you need to change the file extension from .sample to .m3u, then do a MinimServer rescan.
For some reason I seem to be having great difficulty with this.I tried to save file to Mac HD but keep getting message that I do not have permission to do this.Advised to use “get info” on file re permission but this does not seem available.
Please try again now. I have made a change that should enable Safari on macOS to automatically download this file to your Downloads folder. You will then need to use Finder to rename the file and copy it to the correct location.
Thanks again will try again tomorrow.
I am still having difficulty with this.I downloaded file in plain text and file is populated but when I change to m3u file is empty and opens iTunes. I know that I have probably not explained my situation fully.My radio stations are available through Linn Kazoo not through a playlist.All except Radio 2 and Radio 4 are 320kbs Radios 2 and 4 are 128kbs.
Please post a screenshot of what you see in Linn Kazoo when you view your list of radio stations.
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