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Full Version: BBC HLS Streams.
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Not a very good photograph taken from my iPad pro showing 128kbs for Radio 2 and Radio 4 and 320kbs for all other BBC stations.
There is no photograph in your post. When you add an attachment, you need to click the Add Attachment button after selecting the file to be attached.
Sorry had to resize photo.
Thanks. It looks like these stations are coming from your Linn DS, not from MinimServer/MinimStreamer. I think you will need to contact Linn for assistance.
Thanks for your help.
Simon thanks so much for your help discovered what I was doing wrong. I was not changing name of file properly.Now all working normally thanks again.
I am very pleased to hear that the problem is solved.

This need to rename the file is unfortunate. This is required in order to have the browser download it as a file rather than show it in the browser window or play it as music on your computer.

I think I got the wrong impression from your (very tiny) screenshot. The icons made me think that these stations were not coming from MinimServer/MinimStreamer.
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