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Full Version: Ignore "The" for sorting & general questions
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Hi all,

I am completely new to MinimServer and currently trying to figure out how it works.

So one option seems to be a good choise. I'd like to get "The Beatles" displayed as "The Beatles" - "Beatles, The" is confusing for me Angel
But nevertheless it should be sorted at >> B<< based on "Beatles" and not at >> T << based on "The".

So I tried this hint from the guide:
Quote:For example, you can use the option Artist.ignore.sort={The} to sort the Artist tag value The Beatles as if it were Beatles, The while showing it in the index as The Beatles.

I slightly changed it, so it should affect all sorting criterias.


But for any reason "The Beatles" are still sorted to >> T <<, not to >> B <<.

If I change the entry to
it is working fine, but it's shown as "Beatles, The".

Any idea what's going wrong there?

And additionally, could it be combined with other commands like
Quote:all.ignore.sort.index={The}, Album.sortTags={Album, Artist}

Maybe I missed it but: What happens if a new album is placed into a folder monitored by MinimServer? Is it captured automatically or is a manually triggered rescan needed?
Welcome to the MinimServer forum!

Are your files tagged as "The Beatles" or as "Beatles, The"?

There is no automatic rescan in MinimServer. You need to do this manually after you have added new music. If you start some music playing before the rescan, it will continue to play while the rescan is happening.
They are tagged as "The Beatles".

It's confusing, as long as I use "ignore.sort" only -> nothing happens.
As soon as it's "ignore.index.sort" it works -> but I am not sure if the SORT command is working in the case or if it's just the natural order since the prefix "The" is gone...
To do what you want, you should be using ignore.sort. If this does not change the sort order you are seeing in your control point, this means your control point is ignoring the sort order sent by MinimServer and using its own sort order. Which control point are you using?
What so you mean by Control Point?
If the client is meant, this is the app of the multiroom system -> Heos (Denon).

So to get this verified I think we can double check this by using a client which takes the sorted order of MinimServer for sure.
Which one is the easiest option? Doesn't matter if it's a Windows application or Android, it's just for double checking.
And to make it more confusing:

I changed it back to

Within the Heos App, if I go into the ARTIST view: "The Beatles" are listed at >> T <<.

But if I go into the ALBUM view: "The Best Of..." is listed at >> B <<.

So for any reason the command does not affect the ARTIST sorting???
You can use BubbleUPnP on Android or Linn Kinsky on Windows to verify the MinimServer sort order. If this is incorrect for the Artist index, I will investigate further.
Ok I will Do and come back as soon as it's done.
Thank you
I made some tests and obviously BubbleUPNP shows the right order, so it seems to be caused by the check point.

And another minor detail which probably confirms this: My indexTags inculdes the translation "All Artists:Interpret".
But the Heos App shows "Interpreten".

I assume, Heos ignores the sorting provided by Minim and thats the way it works.
It sounds like this app might be downloading information about the library from MinimServer and producing its own index with its own sort order. I can't confirm this as the app won't run without a Denon device.
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