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Full Version: Merging tags to the command tag
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I'm using the Dynamic Range plugin for foobar2000 to create a tag "<DYNAMIC RANGE>" and store the DR value.


How can I configure minimserver to merge the <DYNAMIC RANGE>.tag into the the comment.tag so that it is shown by the control point (Bubble UPNP).

I already managed to merge a hyperlink to a booklet into the comment.tag. IT would like to keep it an additionally have the DR value shown.

Final format shoul be booklet / comment / DR value.



You should be able to do this by adding <DYNAMIC RANGE> to itemTags and changing your tagFormat setting to

Comment.displayFormat={$*infoFileURI^<a href="^">Digital booklet</a>$comment^ / $<DYNAMIC RANGE>^ / }

I changed the entry via minimwatch accordingly:

Comment.displayFormat={$*infoFileURI^<a href="^">Digital booklet</a>$comment^ / $<DYNAMIC RANGE>^ / }

After starting a rescan, I get an error message:



This means you did not add <DYNAMIC RANGE> to itemTags.
Reading AND understanding helps sometimes...

Adding the tag name to the itemTags property solves the issue.

For the ones using foobar2000: Leave out the brackets! The tag name is just "DYNAMIC RANGE" and not "<DYNAMIC RANGE>". foobar puts it in brackets in the files property dialog to indicate that it is a user defined tag!

One final question please:

No I get following comment tag sent to the renderer e.g.: Digtal booklet / comment / 11

Is it possible to include a fixed string to get: Digtal booklet / comment / DR11
I solved it by adding DR as a prefix:

Comment.displayFormat={$*infoFileURI^<a href="^">Digital booklet</a>$comment^ / $DYNAMIC RANGE^ / DR}
This is the correct solution. Smile
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