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Full Version: MinimServer/Melco/SonkKong issues
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I have the Melco N1ZH2 and the E100 expansion drive.
I have installed the Minimserver and Songkong for Melco. I have Minimwatch on my Mac.
I am using the Accustic Arts ES Streamer so I cannot utilize the Melco Ap.

I have had several interface issues since setting this up in July and have been in communication with Paul at Songkong. Melco is not so quick to respond.
The current issue arose as I attempted to run the fix song program on Songkong on my expansion drive. It is 57% of 3t capacity utilized, so a fair amount of files. After about one hour the Songkong crashed, but minim
seemed to be responding when utilizing my iPad as a controller.
After communicating with SK support I was able to get the SK running, but lost the Minimserver. This is actually the second time this happened and I ended up reinstalling everything last month trying to figure it out on my own.
That is rather tedious and time consuming, and i need to figure this out otherwise if it occurs again. When I log into the server log the following message comes up:
MinimServer Status

This page was last updated at 08:09:55 on 26 Oct 2019

MinimServer update 129, Copyright © 2012-2019 Simon Nash. All rights reserved.

Media server status for MinimServer[N1-1EBE]: Error
[u]Unable to save property minimserver.lastIndexTags to file /mnt/system/config/Apps/minimserver/data/minimserver.config: save error No space left on device

You have selected the following content directories:

For more information about using MinimServer, see the Getting started page.

The Melco is 29% utilized, and the expansion drive is 57% utilized.
Please advise.
MinimServer and SongKong use a special hidden internal partition on the Melco for their program files and some internal data. This partition is not very large and the message you are getting is telling you that it is full.

Because this is a hidden internal partition, it is not possible for you to look at the contents of this partition and delete files from it to free up space. The only solution is to clear the entire partition by doing Initialize Settings. This will not affect your own data. After doing this, you should reinstall MinimServer and SongKong. I suggest that you install MinimServer first, check that it is working, and then install SongKong.

Melco is aware of this problem with the internal partition becoming full and is working on a solution.
Thank you for your reply. It is back up and running.
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