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Trying to install package ffmpeg and get :
Error installing package ffmpeg: Resource not available:

Site seems to be under construction ?
Can you give me an idea of when to try again.
There is no package named ffmpeg. There is a package for Melco only that contains a custom version of ffmpeg. This package requires MinimServer to be running on a Melco and MinimStreamer to be installed. If you have done this, you will be able to select the correct package name from the 'Available packages' list and then click Install to download this package from
Sorry for the confusion then.
Could you perhaps please help me ?
I have minim server running on a mac-mini.
I wish to transcode flac:wav.
I have entered under SYSTEM in MS on the
STREAM.TRANSCODE field flac:wav.
I thought I needed ffmpeg to do the transcoding as in the log I get :
"Transcoding converter not configured"
Is there a (different) converter I should specify in the stream converter field?
I do not have anything specified at the moment.
To transcode from FLAC to WAV without changing sample rate (flac:wav in stream.transcode), you don't need FFmpeg. If you want to change sample rate, you need to download and install a static binary of FFmpeg and set the stream.converter property to the location of the ffmpeg executable file. You can find a selection of static FFmpeg binaries for the Mac on this page.
Thank you Simon for your prompt reply.
I do not wish to change the sample rate, I am trying to play Radio Paradise for instance using there uncompressed flac to my Naim Nac 272. For radio streams it uses the vTuner service which does not support FLAC on my device.
My M3U file has the following content :

#EXTINF:-1,[RP;flac] Radio Paradise FLAC

I have coded flac:wav in stream.transcode and I get :

"Transcoding converter not configured"

Do you know what would cause that error message on a mac ?
Thanks for this information. You are getting this message because this is a FLAC radio stream, not a local FLAC file. To transcode this stream to WAV, you will need to install FFmpeg on the Mac.
Thank you for your time..
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