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Full Version: multihomed linux server
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My linux server has multiple network interfaces. I've configured minimserver to use just one of the interfaces but when I boot up via systemd my control points cannot find the server.
Doing netstat it shows it's bound to every interface but if I restart the service it correctly binds to only a single interface
I've tried making sure the network is up before starting the service but so far have not found the correct settings for systemd
MinimServer uses ohNet to communicate via UPnP to control points. ohNet supports selecting an interface by subnet but not by network interface. Also, ohNet does not support multiple network interfaces on the same subnet. This means that if you have multiple active network interfaces on the same subnet, ohNet will choose one of these interfaces and you cannot control which interface it chooses. Does this explain the behaviour you are seeing?
I set the ohnet.subnet and port, yet during startup it starts listening on all subnets
I restart minimserver and then it correctly listens to the correct subnet
I think I've found a work around for startup issues
I set the delayStart=120 and now when it starts it chooses the correct subnet. I may not need 2 minutes but in the big scheme of things...
Why does it cause a problem for MinimServer to be listening on all subnets for a short time?
it never switches to the configured subnet until I restart it
I'm guessing here but I think when it was starting with networking, the subnet may/may not be available yet and when it fails it falls back to all subnets. With systemd, you get triggers for when network starts, which isn't necessarily when everything is actually stable
Setting delayStart gives time for the dust to settle and it's not like I'm restarting the server everyday Smile
Thanks for the detailed explanation. As I understand this, the problem is not that MinimServer is listening on all interfaces when it starts but rather that the interface that you want is not available when systemd starts MinimServer. In this case, delayStart is the right way to work around this issue and it should also work if you set delayStart and don't set ohnet.subnet.
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