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Full Version: Amazon Music ?
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Hi again

Probably a stupid question, but is there any way MinimServer/Streamer can help stream Amazon Music's HD/UHD streams from their app to my hifi system. Ideally I'd like to use my Android Tablet to have an app on it to "control" and WiFi link to my Yamaha receiver. Yamaha hasn't provided this on my RX-A1070 as yet and am not sure if it has any plans to do so. It has provided it on their current RX-A*080 receiver range but not on mine Sad Currently I'm limited to 24bit/48khz with Android and want to bypass this restriction.

Just asking if you provide anything that may help?

MinimServer and MinimStreamer can play network streams that are accessible from an http or https URL using the HTTP protocol. I don't know what protocol is used by the Amazon app but I think it is unlikely to be standard HTTP.
Thanks Simon. How would I go about trying this please?
You would need an http or https URL for the stream. Do you have either of these?
Reference URL's