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Full Version: ReadyNas Duo V2 - DSD Files
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I've landed here after extensive searches on how I can play my high resolution files which reside on my Netgear ReadyNas server. My receiver is a Yamaha RX-A1070 and I do have an Egreat media player. So far the only way I can play my files are when I put them on a USB stick and plug this into the front of the receiver. The media player is restricted by its Android os (v5) and doesn't see them. Trying to play them from my ReadyNas via the receiver's "server" functionality again doesn't see them as I've found out that the ReadyNas itself doesn't support DSD files.

So I am on here, with my first post, please be gentle, and wonder if I will get some sucess by installing MinimServer on my ReadyNas Duo - I know its a V2 as this is shown on the front of it. My files are essentially .dff files and my receiver supports them in 2 channel guise but not multi channel. May I therefore as a few questions please? : -

1. By installing MinimServer on my ReadyNas, will this bypass the ReadyNas DNLA restrictions and play my DSD stuff?

2. If so how do I play them? You mention control points - Android is one of them. How exactly does this work and what software do I need to install on my Android device? It is actually a Galaxy Tab S4 tablet - but I am unsure how I will go about this.

3. I know how to install, I think, the MinimServer software on my Nas (I've done similar installs on my other Film server - another ReadyNas, a RN104), and will use my Windows Desktop PC (Windows 7) to do this. But my PC resides in a different room to my Home Theatre setup and ideally I would like to control playback from my Tablet, wirelessly. Is this going to be possible, if so, how please?

Any help and guidance would be very much appreciated.

Thanks in advance

Well, I should have had the courage of my convictions and just dive in !!!! I did do after writing my above post. Blimey it works just as I had hoped it would! After appreciating I needed MinimWatch to "discover" the folders (my Sacd stuff) and wait until the icon on my PC turned green, I was able to "see" the MinimServer on my Yamaha AV app on my Tablet and play everything other than a few multichannel albums, which my Yamaha receiver cannot play. Outstanding DSD quality and streaming from my ReadyNas - Happy days !!!
I'm glad this has worked out well for you. The ReadyNAS Duo v2 was a great hardware package and outstanding value for money.
I'm glad I kept it for my music. I notice you haven't logged that MinimServer seems compatible with Yamaha AV Controller. It was this that made me think hard before coming on here. I've learned now that it is indeed possible to bypass the restrictions of my Readynas and am going to get some DSD128 files to test as currently I only have DSD64 ones. This represents the max quality my RX-A1070 I can achieve via this method.
I have added Yamaha AV Controller to the "reported as compatible" list. In general, any UPnP control point should be compatible for basic browsing and playing. Some control points might not fully support some of MinimServer's advanced browsing features.
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