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Full Version: Kazoo does not find MinimServer of QNAP
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Hi all,
Linn Kazoo (version 4.13.55) on a Windows 10 computer does not find MinimServer ( update 129) running on a QNAP TVS-463 (QTS
Kazoo list MinimServer on the NAS as unavailable.
The same instance of Kazoo does find MinimServer running on another Windows 10 computer in the same network.
I can see that MinimServer is running on the NAS by opening the MinimServer web page and checking with MinimWatch on the same computer running Kazoo.
I also have a Samsung tablet running BubbleUPnP and it can not see MinimServer on the NAS but it does see MinimServer on the other Windows 10 computer.
Does anyone have any ideas about this problem?
Any help is appreciated,
It is surprising that MinimWatch can find MinimServer but Linn Kazoo (running on the same PC) cannot.

If MinimServer is still doing its initial scan (this could take a long time with a large library), it will not be visible to UPnP control points until the scan has finished.

If this is not the reason, another possibility is a network issue related to UPnP multicast discovery or IGMP snooping. Powering all your network equipment off and on might resolve this. You could start by just powering the TVS-463 off and on to see if that changes anything.
I restarted the NAS and computer and now I can see MinimServer again in Kazoo.
Thanks for the help and advice,
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