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Full Version: ffmpeg on Melco
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I have installed Minimserver on a Melco N1A-2 without problems, but when I try to install the listed package ffmpeg-4.1-melco-0.1 for transcoding, I get the message "Download resource not found : ffmpeg-4.1-melco-0.1.dir.tar.gz". Am I missing a trick here?

Thanks for your help, and apologies if this has already been answered before.

The download server might be temporarily unavailable. I am away from home so I can't check this right now. Please keep trying.
Thanks Simon; still no dice, but I'll try again tomorrow.
Hi Simon,

I’m still getting the same message about ffmeg not being found, but I think it’s linked to a wider issue with my Melco. For some reason, I can’t connect to it from a PC to edit the music directories (either by IP address or 'friendly name'); the Minimserver instance running on the Melco appears on the PC network view, but not the Melco as a device itself.

I have tried re-initialising the Melco, reconfiguring it, reinstalling Minimserver, rebooting the PC… to no avail. Any ideas as to what could be going on?

I am at home now and I can confirm that the download server for installing ffmpeg on the Melco is working correctly.

If you are running MinimWatch on your PC and this is able to connect to MinimServer on your Melco (i.e., MinimWatch on the PC is showing the dialog for installing ffmpeg on the Melco), I don't understand what could cause File Explorer on the same PC to be unable to connect to the music share on the Melco.

As a first step, I suggest you power off off all your network devices including your router and any switches and power them back on in the following order:

1) The router (then wait 5 minutes)
2) Any other switches or wireless access points (if you have them)
3) Your Melco
4) Your PC
Thanks for the suggestion; I tried the power down / power up sequence but to no avail. I’m starting to think that there’s a problem with the Melco itself; for example, I have a Synology NAS on the same network also running Minimserver, and for that I see both the instance and the device on the PC network display, no problems. I guess I’ll talk to my dealer / Melco, and let you know what happens. Thanks again for your help.
It is possible that the ffmpeg download problem is caused by a firewall setting or antivirus program on your PC. When you download a package to the Melco using MinimWatch, the Melco contacts your PC to request the download and your PC does the download as a proxy for the Melco. If the download request from the Melco to your PC is being blocked, this could cause the error you are seeing.
As far as I am aware, my firewall and antivirus have not changed since I successfully installed Minimstreamer on the Synology NAS, but I briefly disabled the PC firewall to try the ffmpeg download to the Melco, without success. I couldn’t see any notifications from the Bitdefender antivirus either. Frankly, I don’t understand how my PC can see (on the network view) and communicate with the Minimserver instance, yet not see the Melco as a device itself. Very strange… Also, if Minimwatch is talking to Minimserver – I have been able to modify properties without trouble, and install the minimstreamer package – the issue isn’t at that level.
Installing MinimStreamer should go though the same path (Melco -> PC -> download server) as installing ffmpeg.

Just a random thought: perhaps BitDefender is monitoring data streamed from the download server to the PC during the download of ffmpeg and is detecting something in the data stream that it deems suspicious. This might cause it to close the download connection.

To find out more about what is happening, please do the following:

1) From the MinimWatch minim icon, select Show log to open the MinimServer log window
2) In this window, change the logging level to Debug
3) In this window, click the Clear button
4) From the MinimWatch minim icon, select Options > Show log to open the MinimWatch log window
5) In this window, change the logging level to Debug
6) In this window, click the Clear button
7) Try to install ffmpeg on the Melco
8) In each of the log windows, click 'Save as' to save a log file
9) Zip both log files and attach them to a post here

The information in these two log files should enable me to pinpoint the exact cause of the failure.
Hi Simon,

I attach to the two logs as suggested, hopefully all will now become clear!

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