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Full Version: Year / Decade not showing properly
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I'm using MinimServer with BubbleUPNP, but - for convenience - I use MusicBee whenever I'm listening to music at my PC. The changes I do in the tags at the PC are synchronized regularly to the NAS that runs the MinimServer.

Today I discovered that I have a lot of songs showing "unknown" as the year and decade. The files' tags "year" and "origyear" are properly populated, as far as I can tell, and they used to work properly. It seems (I checked a couple of files) that whenever I change the rating in MusicBee then MinimServer can't read the tags for "year" and "origyear" any more. MusicBee writes the tag "POPULARIMETER" with, e.g., "MusicBee|118|0".

Simon, can you explain this behaviour, and do you know a workaround? If you need more information or a file, please let me know.

Best regards
What is the format of the files you are retagging using MusicBee (for example, MP3, M4A, FLAC, etc.)

Also, what are your MinimServer property settings for aliasTags, indexTags, itemTags, tagOptions and tagValue?
All files are MP3.

Here the other requested settings:
aliasTags: All Artists: Artist, Lyrics:Comment, Comment:Nil, OriginalDate:Date
indexTags: All Artists:Interpret, Contentgroup:Allgemeines Genre, Genre, Language:Sprache,-Jahrzehnt, -Date:Jahr, Remixer=Claudias Musik: Für Claudia,Cover-Versionen,Copyright:Mix-CD,-Datemodified:Neue Musik,Encodedby=Komplettes Album:Komplette Alben
itemTags: Comment,TitleSort, ArtistSort, AlbumSort, Album,Originalartist
tagOptions: Artist.ignore.sort={The}, Date.yearOnly.index, Jahrzehnt.decade.index
tagValue: Jahrzehnt.default={Date}, Title.value.sort={TitleSort},Artist.value.sort={ArtistSort}, Album.value.sort={AlbumSort}

As you can see, I used some tags for different purposes. The value "Encodedby" is of no use for me, so I used the tag for noting where the song is part of a complete album.
Thanks for this. Please upload one file (only) that has the problem to my FTP server. I will PM you the server details.
Hello Simon, I just uploaded a file. If you need another one that is working properly, please let me know.

Best regards
Lakorus / Christian
What is the name of the file that you uploaded? I don't see anything there with a recent date.
I found a file named 'Sting - Brand new day.mp3' dated Feb 2, 2017.

If this is the file you uploaded, the date information in this file cannot be read by MinimServer because it is encoded incorrectly.

This file is encoded in ID3v2.3 format. It contains TDRC (Recording time) and TDOR (Original release time) frames, both set to the value 1999. These frames are valid for ID3v2.4 only. If your tagging program is writing these frames to an ID3v2.3 file, this is a bug in the tagging program.
Yes, that is the file I uploaded.

Thank you for your research, with the help I have found the source of the error: I use MP3tag for almost all tagging purposes and the tags are saved in ID3v2.4 format. Music Bee, however, was set to saving in ID3v2.3 format, so when the rating for a title is changed in Music Bee then the format is changed thus producing the errors. I changed the settings in Music Bee and now everything shows correctly.

Thank you!

Best regards
Lakorus / Christian
I'm glad to hear the problem is solved.

ID3v2.3 and ID3v2.4 are different in many ways and (as you have discovered) an ID3v2.4 file cannot be converted to ID3v2.3 (or vice versa) just by changing the version number in the header.

Also, saving a file without changing the date means that MinimServer might not pick up the changes you have made to the file when it does a rescan. To identify a changed file, MinimServer looks at the file length and the "last modified" date. If both of these are the same as when the file was last scanned, MinimServer does not rescan the file. To be sure that the file is always rescanned after changes, you should configure MusicBee to change the file date when it saves the file.
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