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Full Version: minimwatch not working quite right on 64bit Win 10 machine
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I have been trying, unsuccessfully, to run minimWatch on my Windows 10 64 bit system. After I install the newest version of Java 64 I then install minimWatch. Everything seems to work exactly as the installation notes suggest until I try to open it. I see a small green box appear in the bottom right hand corner of the screen saying minimWatch is running but I can't find it among the apps running on the machine (Ctrl + ALT + DEL gives the tasks running but minimWatch is not there and there is noting nothing on the screen) . My hardware and software are:

PC Hardware:

Installed Memory: 32 GB
Processor: Intel Core™ i9-7960xCPU @2.80 GHz
64 bit
Boots off of a Solid State Disk

Graphics Board NVidia GeForce GTX 1080 Ti screen resolution 3840x2160

Dual Boot:

Windows 10 Home Version 1903 buil 18362.295
Linux Ubuntu (Not using Linux for minimWatch)

MinimServer running on Synology DS218+ NAS 4TB using Raid 1, MinimServer not on PC


Browser: Firefox 64bit 68.0.2

Java: jre-8u221-windows-x64.exe

Going into the minimWatch lib directory I find many files that are jar executable (see screenshot attached). Any help or suggestions for diagnosing this problem would be appreciated.


MinimWatch is working correctly. To see the MinimWatch UI, you need to right-click on the green minim icon. See steps 6 and 7 of this section for more information.
Thanks! I didn't realize the app was in the ^ icon (what is ^ location called?) . I can now look at the log file. I thought there was more to this app . For information's sake why don't I see it as a task when I "ctrl Alt del" to see running tasks?
The ^ area is called the overflow area of the system tray (see note 1 of step 6 in the section that I referenced).

I'm not sure why Windows doesn't show MinimWatch in the list of applications. I think it is probably because only applications that create a top-level window are shown, not applications that create an icon in the system tray. Nothing else in the system tray shows up in the list of applications.
MinimWatch should still appear as a background process on the Windows Task Manager, though being Java Runtime hosted it'll of course be presented as a "Java™ Platform SE binary". Perhaps that's why the OP can't "see it as a task" - still its Minim icon should distinguish it from any other listed Java binaries in Task Manager.

Another thing which may be confusing the OP is that the System Tray is also known as the (Taskbar) Notification Area, with the ^ overflow area also known as the hidden icons.
Thanks for this. I will recheck the terminology used for these Windows UI elements and update the documentation accordingly.
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