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Full Version: Not listing all tracks in a folder
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Just noticed today that MinimServer is not listing all the tracks in one of my music folders. The folder contains 28 tracks and MinimServer only shows 24. This is using two different control points (Heos and Linn Kazoo).

The tracks are definitely there in the Finder (MacOS 10.11.6).

MinimServer has the latest updates.

Java updated to 8 Update 221 build 12.

I tried setting the startupScan to full and rescanned several times but no difference.

I also have a Sonos server running on the same computer and it shows all 28 tracks.

Any ideas?
Are you browsing by folder view or are you looking at an album that should contain all the tracks?

Have you checked the MinimServer log for error messages?

If there are no errors in the log, please post a screenshot showing all 28 tracks together with the names of the four tracks that are not being shown by MinimServer.
Figured it out: Those tracks were .m4p instead of the usual .m4a. I have no idea why. Never noticed those tracks not showing up until yesterday. (Odd that Sonos would play .m4p tracks.)

Anyway, sorry for the false alarm.
.m4p files are DRM protected and this is why MinimServer cannot play them. I don't know how Sonos is getting round this.
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