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Full Version: How to see Total number of tracks in library
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Without relying on any other software or UPnP client, what is the easiest way to see how many total tracks MinimServer has found/indexed when it does a Rescan?

Would this info appear in a config file, log file -- I don't see it in Properties etc.

Also, is there a way to understand the total # MinimServer sees vs. the total # it actually indexes? (ex: there are 20,000 music files on disk, but due to tagging issues or file corruption MS actually only indexes 19,400)

The top-level menu that MinimServer shows in the UPnP control point has entries for nnn albums and nnn items. An item can be either a track or MinimServer group. If you are not using MinimServer groups, this number is the total number of tracks that MinimServer has been able to read and index.

There isn't any way to find this number without having a UPnP control point. As you need a UPnP control point in order to use MinimServer, this shouldn't be a practical limitation.
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