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Full Version: Connect to MinimServer over the internet
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Please is there a way to connect to use MinimServer over the internet the same way as if I were on my local network? And of course use all the unique features it provides.

I'm aware that Bubble UPnP can do it on Android. On a desktop computer (specifically on Mac OS).

Thank you
BubbleUPnP Server (not the same as the BubbleUPnP control point) can be used together with MinimServer to do this.
Thank you very much. I'll give it a try!
If you don't want to use the BubbleUPnP Android app remotely when using the BubbleUPnP Server to provide access to MinimServer over the internet, you can use any other UPnP/DLNA controller application on the remote network as long as you are also running the BubbleUPnP Tether Client on a machine on the same remote network.
Thanks for posting this. I was not aware of this option.
Yes I've tried BubbpeUPnP server and it's tethered client. It seems to rock : very fast and stable. I can connect to it with Linn Kazoo and J River media center as if I were at home. Thank you very much
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