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Full Version: Spaces are replaced by "*20" in directory and file names
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When I browse the files by directories, evey blank space are replaced by "*20" both in directory and file names

"Aaron Copland" for example looks like "Aaron*20Copland"

This make the whole collection unbrowsable by directories. It's a mess...

I connect to MinimServer on my Synology NAS via JRiver Media center (and other app on my mobile phone), and I use Mac OS Mojave.

Could you please let me know how I could get rid of this?

This is caused by the way JRiver handles DLNA/UPnP servers such as MinimServer. Instead of using the browse tree provided by MinimServer (as a UPnP control point would do), JRiver creates its own library view and browse tree. This JRiver library view and browse tree is missing some important MinimServer browsing selections, such as MinimServer's "folder view" selection that presents folder names and filenames correctly. In an attempt to compensate for this loss, JRiver tries to deduce a server-side folder structure by "reverse engineering" the URLs that MinimServer provides for playing files.

With most DLNA/UPnP servers, this URL for playing a file would bear no relation to the original filename. With MinimServer, the URL happens to be similar to the original filename with replacement values for any characters in the filename that are not valid in a URL. A space is not a valid character in a URL and MinimServer replaces this with *20.

Because of this issue with the browse tree presented by JRiver, it is not recommended to use JRiver to view a MinimServer library. A UPnP control point that presents the MinimServer browse tree is preferable because this provides full access to all features of MinimServer including browsing by correct folder names.

What app do you use to access MinimServer from your mobile phone? If this is a conventional UPnP control-point app, it should show you the MinimServer browse tree including MinimServer's "folder view" browsing selection that works as you expect.
Thank you very much for your answer.

I cannot find the app in which I think I have seen similar messy view. I may have be wrong. In any case, Bubble DS and Bubble UPnP both give a normal folder view.

Thank you very much again in any case.
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