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Full Version: Multiroom with UPNP Renderer
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I am using Minimserver on a Synology NAS, have three Raspberry Pis with DAC hats connected to separate amps as UPNP renderer (with Moode Audio and UPNP plugin) and BubbleUPNP as control point. Works like a charm.

However, it is important for me to implement synchronized multiroom, that is the same music at the same time in three rooms. If possible, with an open source system on my Raspberrys.

1) I could do this with squeezebox, however, I definitely want to stick to minimserver because of the great tag browsing for classical music.
2) I could do this with Google Chromecast Audio, however, I am not happy with the audio quality, it doesn't support real gapless, and Google announced end-of-life of the CCA.

My question: Is there an open source UPNP-based solution for synchronised multiroom? I read something about OpenHome, OpenMedia a.s.o. but the documentation is almost non-existent and the downloads partly outdated.

Any ideas or help would be much appreciated, I am really stuck!
What I took from the other thread on control points is that the key is a combination like MinimServer + BubbleDS + an OpenHome renderer that supports SongCast.

From what I've found, two possible candidates for the renderer that will run on Raspberry Pi's are Upmpdcli and the not-very-search-friendly-named MediaPlayer.

I don't have a second Raspberry Pi to try these out on; maybe someone here has given one or both a go?
Thank you. I am not geek enough to understand the installation instructions.

Media Player: Too much Linux for me!
Upmpcli: I felt dizzy after 2 minutes of reading... :-)

So, I am going to stick to Minimserver for classical music and use Squeezebox server in parallel when I feel like multiroom...
Yeah, I've got a Pi running in one room with MinimServer and an old Logitech Boom in another running off Squeezebox. I'd been planning to retire the Boom once I figured out multi-room on the Pi--it didn't occur to me until like last week to check whether Volumio has a Squeezebox plug-in, which it does! So I'll likely do the same thing you are doing.
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