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Full Version: flac:wav transcode problem on Melco
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I have recently invoked a flac:wav transcode on my Melco. It works fine for normally compressed flac files but fails completely on uncompressed flac files. Is this to be expected?
I am surprised to hear this. What exactly happens when you try to transcode an uncompressed FLAC file?
Silence when in a playlist. Trying to play the track on its own, the track starts then breaks up followed by silence. The format is DXD created from a normally compressed flac using dbpoweramp file converter.
I tried this with a 24/192 uncompressed FLAC file and there was no problem.

DXD transcoding puts a significant load on the not-very-powerful processor used by the Melco. If you add to that the extra I/O needed to read a larger uncompressed file, this could tip things over the edge.

Are you using flac:wav in stream.transcode? If so, try changing this to flac:wav; (the semicolon at the end forces the use of ffmpeg). This might reduce processing overhead.
Thanks Simon, I shall try the semicolon tomorrow and report back. FWIW normally compressed flac dxd plays fine when transcoded, the control point sees the track playing but no output. I fully understand the processing load, if only Melco would reinstate the playing of RIFF/ WAV files over 2GB like they did pre v3.9 firmware then I wouldn’t need to be doing this!
How does this solve the problem with Melco not playing WAV files over 2GB? If you encode these files as FLAC and then use MinimStreamer to transcode FLAC to WAV, aren't you back where you started with the same Melco issue?
The semicolon does the trick! Many thanks Simon, now to see if flac transcoded to wav still sounds like flac or more like wav. High end HiFi can be nightmare.
I would be interested to hear your conclusions about this. It could make a difference whether or not the transcoding is happening on the same machine that is acting as renderer.
That may take a while but I shall get back to you. Thanks again for the wonderful work you do.
Simon, I promised that I would report back on any SQ changes when transcoding. My tests have been inconclusive on the SQ front but I am slightly alarmed that transcoding a flac file that is larger than 2GB to wav, truncates the file to 2GB! I am back where I started so I shall have to continue to listen to large files in the flac format.
Thanks, as always, for your help.
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