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Full Version: Albumartist vs trackartist list
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Unfortunately, the Beosound Moment creates the artist list based on track artist rather than album artist. This leads to the unfortunate situation that the artist view is cluttered with many artists that only appear on one single track. This is particuarly an issue with classical music and rap artists (feat).

Unfortunately, B&O has not been able/open to resolve this.

Is there some way to resolve this on MiniM server level? Maybe configure somehow the server that it serves albumartist as artist? Or some other idea?

There seems to be some related discussion on about this issue, which implies this may be possible? But not sure...

Any help highly appreciated!
This depends on how the BeoSound is building its artist list. If it is using UPnP Browse or Search operations to do this, you can replace Artist with AlbumArtist by setting the MinimServer tagFormat property to:

Thanks for your quick reply. Beosound is building its own index. That's all I know. I have no idea how it technically does it. Unfortunately, it builds this based on the artist tags and ignores the albumart tags. Only exceptions are files with albumartist "various artists", which it sorts as "Various Artists".

Based on what I share above, do you suspect that changing tagFormat property may help? If so, will this impact the artist list (what I want) or also the "now playing" artist (which ideally I'd like to keep as the track artist)?
The change I suggested is likely to replace Artist with AlbumArtist for both the artist list and "now playing" information. It is easy to try it and see what happens. It doesn't change your files so is easily reversible.
Thanks for your note. Unfortunately, I don't own one yet and am hesitant to buy one as it'd be rather useless if I cannot find a way to replace the artist view (based on track artists) with an albumartist view. I am happy to read that it is "likely" to work. Would it be possible for the Beosound to read the file tag directly rather than the XML tag served by MiniM? If not, likely should equate to "close to certain"?
Can you find a dealer who would allow you to have a short home trial before buying?

The Beosound could be reading tags directly from the files (less likely but possible) and in this case, the tagFormat approach would not help. Also, even if the tagFormat approach solves the artist list problem, it is unlikely to do what you want for "now playing" information. My advice is not to spend money unless you have been able to verify that this device is suitable for your needs.
Thanks. I'd be fine with the "now playing" issue.

I could test with the dealer, but not sure how easy unless the dealer use MiniM. I believe most B&O dealers will either not have DLNA server setup or have Twonky.
Does below help to spot where it gets the artist info from?

{"id":"237","name":"!!!!!!!!","artistName":"The Roots","artistNameNormalized":"Roots","artist":[{"id":"195","name":"The Roots","nameNormalized":"Roots","dlna":{"id":"195"},"image":[{"url":"http://192.168.xx.xx:80/api/stream/gracenote:image?t=artist&id=WEcxA67md8ElHVHt%2BQ7EwlO1HLnwm5ktAn%2Bo3KnhjiV1qLr8ts8qQlV8Z2XiLVLLhUMCh​ejE4H%2FhPM4ya3RPTowedqTNDSfKIs%2FHIG%2FnFSALd1VkYCiYLxBlbWeZylzbIedVEc0BdPGvTXX​pEpEnekarg4DFBFJ5y1BTNlZlqFsqvnUYng%3D%3D&tr=197","size":"large","mediatype":"image/jpg"}]}],"trackNumber":3,"genre":"","duration":24,"parentAlbum":{"id":"236","name":"Phrenology","releaseYear":0,"isCompilation":false,"genre":"","dlna":{"id":"236"},"image":[{"url":"$1$8I2327563.jpg?scale=ORG","size":"large","mediatype":"image/jpg"}]},"moodWheelItem":{"id":"0-0","ring":"core","mood":{"name":"","graceNote":{"id":0}}},"mood":{"name":"","graceNote":{"id":0}},"dlna":{"id":"237","url":"$1$8I2327563.m4a","mediatype":""},"image":[{"url":"$1$8I2327563.jpg?scale=ORG","size":"large","mediatype":"image/jpg"}],"_links":{"/relation/album":{"href":"/BeoContent/music/dlnaProfile/album/236"},"self":{"href":"./237"}}},
It is MinimServer, not MiniM. There is a MiniM but this is not connected with MinimServer. Are you using MinimServer or MiniM?

How did you get the output you posted? It was not produced by MinimServer.
I am using Minimserver.

The output is likely from Twonky, but I didn't ask. It comes from an owner of a Beosound Moment who has kindly been helping. It is supposed to come from the Moment.
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